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We are a resource center, focused on bringing the community together through our strengths and experiences.

Our mission is to help empower one another and increase opportunities for individual and community growth by providing support and resources through education, human services, recreation and self-care.

Academic & Economic Literacy

Job Readiness Programs


Academic & Economic Literacy Program

We want to help provide education on subjects where other programs have fallen short. Participants will learn valuable skills to empower themselves to thrive in their community instead of just exist. The sky’s the limit once you master the basics.

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Job Readiness Program

Even in a booming economy, getting a job can be real difficult unless you are prepared and know the ins and outs of interviewing. We will help prepare you with resumes, how to answer questions and do our best to set you up for success.

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-Board of Directors-

Stephanie Norrell


Stephanie is a New Jersey native that has lived in Georgia since 2012. She has dedicated the last 16 years to serving and advocating for individuals within the mental health, brain injury and Intellectual/Developmentally Disabled (IDD) populations. While continuing to work with the IDD population as a Day Program Manager she has been able to preserve and build on her leadership skills through various tasks and responsibilities. Stephanie has volunteered her time to various organizations including Special Olympics of Georgia (SOGA); In 2015 she became Fundraiser Chairperson and a volunteer coach in bowling and basketball for Owl’s Retreat’s SOGA program. The foundation of 7 Wonders Community Center, Inc. was catapulted by Stephanie’s belief in community growth, youth development and empowerment for every individual.



Tisha Burgess is a native of New Jersey and relocated to Stone Mountain, Ga. to pursue her passion of helping others. She believes in hard work, respect, dedication and discipline. Her goal in life is to reach out and make a difference in other’s lives. For over 10+ years she has served as a Security Supervisor for Gateway Frontline Security allowing her to demonstrate her ability to deal with a variety of challenges. For the past 20 years she has been married to her wonderful husband with whom she shares 3 beautiful children. Some of her interests are cooking, dancing and spending time with family. Tisha believes that if she has helped at least one person dealing with life and all that comes with it, that she has done her part.

Patricia Waters


I am the mother of a 4-year-old and I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. I have worked as an assistant assessor for a Department of Family and Children’s Services provider since 2012. My interactions with families that have children in foster care has allowed me to see firsthand the needs of underserved and vulnerable communities and 7 Wonders Inc has afforded me an opportunity to utilize my knowledge and time to serve the community.

India Thompkins


India has a strong commitment to improving the overall quality of life by addressing the needs and remediation of problems that plague us everyday people.
A Georgia State University School of Business graduate, Thompkins started her career in the field of business by being a member of one of the top real estate marketing companies in Atlanta.  Later, she opened a firm of her own and was successful in meeting and then expanding her share of the market as she broke the glass ceiling of commercial and agricultural real estate in the states of Georgia, Alabama, and California.  
India is CEO and Director of a community-based services agency which primarily focuses on adults with exceptional needs.  As a board member of 7 Wonders, India brings enthusiasm and relevant knowledge from the field of human services and service to the community.
The Atlanta native resides in the Northeast suburbs of Atlanta with her husband, Brian and their 2 young daughters. As a family, they enjoy cooking together and are avid travelers. 

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